Delray Beach Water Damage Restoration

Delray Beach Water Damage Restoration

What is the first thing that comes to your mind whenever you face a water damage at home? Save your life! Yes. If damage is not very intense, e.g. water pipe leakage, what comes to your mind is save all the electrical appliances and valuable items which can be removed from the floor. But what is the idea which strikes your mind right after you manage to save your life and your valuable items? That’s right! How to manage a water damage restoration. A water damage restoration is the biggest worry after water strikes your home and you find yourself safe and sound.

What to do?

Well, in order to know what to do before you make any arrangements for a water damage restoration, you need to first realize that it is a time of emergency. Imagine that your wife comes and tells you that water is gushing from your washroom to the living room. The first thing you do before you think about water damage restoration, is ensure that all electrical appliances and switch boards are switched off. Then you need to hurry and pick the perishable items before water infiltrates and destroys them.

Can I do water damage restoration?

Have you ever done any plumbing at home? Chances are more that you will say no! Even if you have done a little plumbing, it doesn’t mean that professional water damage restoration is something that you can do. All water damage does not occur through pipe leakage; you live in a coastal city, think what else could be there to bother you. Bingo! The word “Katrina” popped up in your mind before you ever thought “Hurricane”. Even if the water damage in your home is a mere result of drain leakage, you do not have any idea as to how to use some water damage restoration techniques against filthy water.

You need professionals:

A proper and professional water damage restoration cannot be made possible without the help of water damage restoration experts. Their reaction to such an emergency is totally opposite to the common man’s reaction. They do not panic, instead they show the readiness to fight against any type of water damage. There are three types of water damages:

  1. Clean water – leaking from the water supply pipes
  2. Drain water – gushing from the drain which is supposed to drain the filth out of your home
  3. Nature damage – flood, continuous rain or the worst: Hurricanes

Why us?

Our professionals are not only known for their innovative water damage restoration tactics, but they have also earned respect for their scientific and professional approach. They come to help with blowers, mopping equipment, draining equipment, brushes and dehumidifiers. They remove all electric appliances and minimize the chance of anyone getting electrocuted. Then they drain the water out and keenly observe the place for the parts where it needs effective water damage restoration. It is in the last part when they dry the place out and apply deodorizing to remove the horrid smell created by water.

In any type of water damage emergency, immediately call our emergency number (561) 257-6966 and see how rapidly we take the situation under control.


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