Delray Beach Upholstery Cleaning

Delray Beach Upholstery Cleaning

If upholstery could speak, its first complaint must be regarding the stains which its owners make and which become a permanent part of its delicate appearance. You be the judge of this and tell us how a hot chocolate stain looks like on an elegant off-white sofa? It looks bad, right? Thus we believe that humans are lucky if their upholstery cannot complain against the way they use it. However, when our experts get a chance to speak to your upholstery, they listen empathetically to them and make possible an effective stain removal. Upholstery cleaning has thus become an art and it is not a job of every Tom, Dick or Harry.

How is this an art?

Upholstery is a delicate thing. It is made of more than one complex material. In most of the cases, it is wood, fabric and foam etc. but there are some other materials such as steel as well. Upholstery cleaning is not as easy as cleaning a carpet. It requires perfect handling and spotless stain removal. Due to the curves and finishing of upholstery, domestic equipment such as vacuum cleaner and brushes cannot reach the farthest corner, and that is the exact place where dust finds a “soft corner”. Only professionals in the business of upholstery cleaning can do this.

How professionals tackle with this issue?

Our professionals have been doing upholstery cleaning for many years and they perfectly know which type of solutions and chemicals to apply on which type of upholstery. Professionals have to maintain a balance and make sure that their chemicals are fully prepared as per the type and color of the fabric. They have to make sure that their cleaning is ecofriendly and the chemicals are not injurious to health. They do not use cheap washing powders for the cleaning, because its particles can easily remain safe in the curves of the furniture and cause breath infections.

Professionals use extreme care when you give them the charge of your expensive sofa sets or couches. They first make a report of the condition in which the expensive upholstery was handed over to them. Then they apply due diligence and notice the dust clusters, as well as stains on your upholstery. They make every effort to make an upholstery cleaning as much ecofriendly as it can be.

Why our experts?

Our experts have earned unparalleled fame and respect in the field of upholstery cleaning and it is only because they guarantee maximum cleaning and effective stain removal. Here are some of the reasons why you would like to consider our valuable services:

  • Extensive inspection of the upholstery for an effective stain removal
  • An effective dirt annihilation plan to remove all particles of the hazardous dirt
  • Smart use of latest chemicals and vacuum cleaners in order to eradicate even the toughest dirt clusters
  • A smart and ecofriendly cleaning, which guarantees that all what your family member inhale, is fresh air and no bacteria
  • Brilliant use of dry cleaning techniques to give you the best tone, color and feeling of your expensive upholstery

If an ecofriendly cleaning is your priority, dial (561) 257-6966 to see how we deliver up to the mark.


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